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AMAMI Relaxing Foot Balm

 Mixed with essential oils of Peppermint, Lemon & Mint Leaf is an excellent remedy for foot fatigue and jet lag. This traditional natural relaxing village formula instantly cools, soothes & relieves tired, over –worked & swollen feet. Great for those long haul flights, relaxing amami foot balm comforts & relieves foot pain & helps soothe knee & ankle sprains.

Pain Relief Balm

 Balm usage takes a new turn with this unique feel-good balm- enriched with essential oils of Tamarind, Clove, Lime  – to help refresh & invigorate the senses. Applied lightly on the temples, behind the ears and lightly inhaled, Amami Balm helps to reduce anxiety, stress and discomfort uplifting your mood to promoting positive energy

Stress Soothing Balm

 This uniquely formulated Amami Stress Soothing Balm contains a natural blend of Lavender & Citronella essential oils, working in synergy to help promote deep peaceful Sleep. Best used before bed- time and assists during periods of stress or after a heavy day at work (remedy for stress), it works instantly to soothe, calm and relax the mind & body. Just apply finely on temples, behind ears & neck; while gently inhaling the aromas & relax