Artfully designed with a non-slip curve shape to fit the human body contours, our tablet soaps, glycerine soaps, and bath salts are made from pure natural ingredients and do not contain caustic soda that is harmful to the skin. While the fragrances excel in sillage and longevity, all soaps are packed for durability with aesthetics in mind. In our continuous endeavour to apply innovative ideas in our latest launches, we offer you not only the pleasing look and presentation of the product or item, but they come with longer usage, lingering fragrance, and in meaningful user relationship designs. Any fragrance & colour of your choice could be manufactured in any quantity.


  • Cinnamon

  • Aloe Vera

  • Pepper

  • Passion Fruit

  • Lemon Grass

  • Tamarind

  • Mango

  • Grapefruit

  • Mint

  • Avocado

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Amami glycerin soap is manufactured with pure coconut oil, no additives and without caustic soda. It is a vegetable soap,rich in glycerin for great moisturizing, with scents that refresh & invigorate. Recommended for children as it is a tear-drop free soap.